Maestro Musicbox


McDonald´s Portugal is saying goodbye to Maestro by transforming a burger box into a music box. The Maestro, a sale success in Portugal, will give its place to a new range of products. To mark this depart, surprise consumers and allow everybody to say goodbye to their favorite burger, McDonald’s Portugal transformed Maestro boxes’ in real music boxes. A lighting sensor and a small soundsystem were placed in a fake box top. When open, the box played Mozzart’s classics.

director/editor. Flávio de Sousa
dop. Maninho (Vitor Rebelo)
creative dir. Pedro Magalhães
creatives. Joana Teixeira, Leonardo Gomez, José Carlos Costa, Nuno Aguiar, Diana Gonçalves, André Trindade
executive producer. Gonçalo Paixão
production manager. Marta Nandin de Carvalho
ppa and sound design. Gil Amado
prop master. Catarina Rodolfo
voice. Pipo (Filipe Duarte)
casting dir. Tomás Barradas

client. McDonald’s
advertising agency. Fullsix
production company. ZOEFILMSEUROPE
production consultant. proud – smart production solutions