We are a “in house” solution for any project.

We are a full fledged film production company capable of making a project from start to finish. With producers, directors, D.O.P., editors, post producers and animators and a fully equipped sound and film studios we are a “in house” solution for any project.

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The screenwriter writes the screenplays for TV, commercial, videos and movies. He is the responsible of creating a credible story about a character or a product.

The storytelling, since the Greek concepts of Aristotle, is the technique through which the story is told. It is very important to rely on these techniques and concepts in order to a story progress in a way every human being can connect with.

If you want us to tell your story, come along. If you are an experienced content agency and want to enhance the reach of your communication, count on us!

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”



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Perfectionism is the word driving us every day. We carefully move each piece of our chessboard predicting in advance the next ten moves. There is no room for mistakes. We are the first to arrive and the last to leave.

We are focused on details and every possible need.
Locations & permissions, casting, catering, transport, accommodation, filming equipment, security and any other requirements.

We aim to complete the whole project within the budget and time allocated but also to make sure everything looks perfect on screen.

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The directors are the key connection between creativity and production. Our experience and knowledge turns ideas into something brilliant to perfectly show and tell any story.
We keep close relations based on generosity for taking the right and sensible decisions. But always with the focus on creativity.

Our commitment with each client reflects on our complicity with the filming crew and actors with full crew or with a small team.

There is no simple project for our directors. Every project is great and exciting. The objective is always to tell the story.

We make the personality for every project.


The Director of Photography is the person who gives a movie a certain visual style throughout. It is this style that viewers often recall about the look or feel of a film. Our D.O.P keeps informed of the latest research and development in the areas of film and video technology. Actively engaged in the innovative evolution of camera equipment and lenses, our D.O.P. works with the Director on the visualization of scenes that involves issues related to framing,camera angle and movement, lighting, and the technical requirements to translate a script and storyboard into images on film.

“Movies are reflections of light coming from a two-dimensional screen – just static flashes of light and color interrupted by short moments of darkness.”
Theo Van de Sande


Our in-house team has technical excellence in all post-production process: editing, graphic animation, visual effects, online preparation and colour grading.

Our modern and updated post-production skills combined with sensibility for fine tuning takes projects to the highest quality level.
We have multiple video editing suites to serve different film genres and formats.

From the raw material to the master file we take our passion for innovation and storytelling to get it to the very special final result.
We don´t wait for orders we suggest our best solutions.



Our talented in-house 2D and 3D designers are specialised in storytelling through animation and motion design.

We can develop any visual style based on the intended concept. From the most simple and traditional design to the 3D modern animation. Imagination is the limit.

Short films, animated logos, video tutorials, typography animation, company´s presentations are some of the examples of our daily work.

We take care of corporate identities in order to keep brandings clear and consistent.


We believe that the audio is at least half of a films identity. We are music and sound design passionated and that´s why we built up our own in-house professional sound studio. Part of our team comes from the music universe and we are able to compose in many different music styles. 

Our multi-task sound engineer and modern equipment allow us to work on commercial jingles, short-film soundtracks, corporate original songs and voice-over recordings for any film or documentary.
We make the personality for every project.


We have a 18m2 fully equipped studio available for a wide range of productions. Multiple background colours possibilities including green screen for testimonials, castings, products pack shots, music video playback, macro filming and  many others needs.

Our kitchen studio allow us to produce any kind of cooking tv shows, commercials and recipe videos. This is a dream come true for chefs and food brands which intend to promote it products.
The furniture was built in order to easily change colours and general aspect. From the most rustic to modern style this kitchen will adapt into any concept and brand.

Watch the Studio presentation

Watch our Kitchen Studio presentation

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We work with the best photographers in the market to deliver high quality visual impact images.
From scouting. casting, art direction and wardrobe we provide local and international clients the most complete and professional service for photographic production.

Whatever the size of the project, whatever the vision, our creativity, expertise and state-of-the-art technology will get it done right. We have the robust production and post-production know-how to help you streamline, add consistency and save money on your photography process.

We work Product, Fashion, Food, Online, Concept, Packaging or even 360º photography.


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