Mary Anne Goes to the Market

Mary Anne Goes to the Market


When Mary Anne enters the local supermarket, dreary shoppers blossom as she inspires them to make their ordinary experiences extraordinary. But then she meets one nut she can’t quite crack: Mitch, the unassuming young man in the produce department. Through her positivity and charm, Mary Anne transforms Mitch’s outlook and in the end, connects with him in a unique way.

**Winner of the Feel Good Film Festival Short Film Audience Award**



Tate Hanyok – Mary Anne
Jason Whisman – Mitch
Alina – Arguing Girlfriend
Robbie WInston – Arguing Boyfriend
Mike Danner – Mop Guy
Robert Sisko – Flower Guy

Written by – Jason Whisman & Ethan Cushing
Directed by – Ethan Cushing
Produced by – Jason Whisman & M. Elizabeth Hughes
Executive Produced by – Carlos Gayotto
Cinematography by – Andrew M. Davis
Production Design by – Matthew Corder
Choreography by – Addi Gaash
Makeup by – Katie Vernon
Edited by – Martin Montgomery
Sound Design by – Jeffrey A. Pitts
Music Composed by – John Samuel Hanson
Director – Ethan Cushing


Zoe Films